BeanGood Coffee Pub

*All coffee ground and bagged:

1/2 lb. $6.95
3/4th lb. $9.95
1lb. $12.95

Pure Bean
  • Brazil Cernado: light, medium body & hints of caramel
  • Columbia Supremo: light, mildly sweet fruity flavor
  • Organic Guatemala La Sola Estate: medium, balanced spiceness, cocoa flavor
  • Organic Mexico Chapas: light notes of apricot and toasted almonds
  • Brazil Poco de Caldas: medium, wonderfully smooth and round body
  • Ethiopian Harrar-Mesela: medium, berry sweetness & full body
  • Organic Cafe Cubano Blend: Dark. hints of vanilla and sweet smokiness
  • Sumatra Mandheling Blend: Medium. Earthy hints of plum & chocolate
  • African Blend: Dark. Full body with hints of cocoa
  • Mesca Blend: Medium. Pronounced creaminess of milk chocolate
  • 1013 Reserver Blend:  Medium. Swing's signature blend
  • Hawaiian Hazelnut: Medium. Creamy toasted hazelnut finish
  • Mocha Java Blend: Medium.  Earthy milk chocolate
  • Espresso Suave: Light/Medium. Bright citrus & sweet apricot notes
  • Decaf Organic French Roast: Dark. Bold, sweet smokiness
  • Decaf Morning Blend: Light. Medium body with light citrus

Bean Good Teas

Green Tea
  • Jasmine
  • Hayson
  • Gunpowder
Herbal Tea
  • Mint
  • Chamomile
  • Mixed Berry
Decaf Tea
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
Black Tea
  • Ceylon
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Irish Breakfast
  • Assam
  • Ginger Peach
  • China Black

Additional Drinks

  • Shakes
  • Juices
  • Ginger Peach Iced Tea
  • Sports Tea
  • Affogato
  • Lemonade
  • Smoothies
  • Bottled Water

The Mayorga family takes great pride in bringing the highest-quality coffees available. Mayorga selects only premium specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans from farms and cooperatives with a strong commitment to caring for their workers, communities, and environments. Here are a few examples of the Mayorga coffees found at Beangood!

Organic Café Cubana
This deep-roasted coffee has become highly sought-after by discerning coffee lovers. True to its Latin American origins, Organic Café Cubano goes through a slow roasting process that draws out the sweet smokiness of this bold coffee. This exotic blend of beans from Nicaragua and Peru can be enjoyed as an espresso or a straight cup of drip coffee. Either way, you will be amazed by the confluence of deep, rich flavors and an absolutely clean, smooth finish. Mocha Java Blend

Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1
Sumatra is the second largest of the islands making up Indonesia and is much preferred by coffee connoisseurs. Our Roastmaster combines a selection of the best Sumatras into a blend that is broody, syrupy, and full of chocolate flavors. This coffee is ideal for after dinner with desserts and works well when prepared as espresso. Many consider the Mandheling coffees to be among the world’s finest and most admired. This coffee is quite possibly the most full-bodied varietal on the market. Mellow in acidity, it is bold and almost syrupy, with an unmistakable earthiness.

Decaf Espresso Suave
Not all espresso is roasted equally! Case in point: this light roasted Espresso Suave. We recommend this blend for serious espresso enthusiasts who seek to minimize bitterness, but don’t mind a brighter tasting shot of espresso. Our Espresso Suave is roasted short of the beans “sweating” to curtail the emergence of bitters, which tend to be amplified in the espresso shot. When prepared appropriately, this blend will produce a sweet and smooth shot that can be enjoyed straight, or will hold up nicely to milk when making a cappuccino or latte.

M.E. Swing Company

M.E Swing’s has been roasting high quality coffee in the Washington area since 1916. Its mission is and always has been to deliver the highest quality and freshest product to its customers.  M.E. Swing's has endured over the decades by maintaining its focus on providing customers with the highest quality coffee. At Beangood!, we are proud to carry a selection of M.E Swing’s coffees. Here are a few:

MESCo Blend
Originally created under the watch of Michael Edward Swing, MESCo is the signature M.E. Swing Co. (MESCo) coffee. This unique blend of Latin American and African coffees was patented in 1918 as “the coffee that improves in quality as it cools in the cup.” Still Swing’s most popular coffee, MESCo has the pronounced creaminess of milk chocolate, and a smooth mellow flavor that is perfect for any occasion. As this brew cools in the cup, its rich and sweet qualities deepen for a last sip that is just as satisfying as the first.

Espresso 90
The first sight of the exquisite crema on Swing’s 90th anniversary espresso signals a timeless coffee experience, the culmination of carefully sourced beans and almost a century of coffee expertise. Appreciated by skilled baristas, Espresso 90 is a Northern Italian espresso roast, adding to the inherent sweetness of a well-poured latte or cappuccino. Wonderfully active and well-balanced on the palette, this signature espresso moves from notes of black cherry and pomegranate to a smooth, expressive dark chocolate finish.

Ethiopian Harar – Mesela
Grown in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia, Harrar coffees are considered to be among the best in the specialty coffee industry. We love this naturally processed coffee for its berry sweetness, full body, and medium acidity. This coffee does well as a filter brew and truly shines as a single origin espresso.

Light Bodied Red Wine Selections
  • Arrogant Frog - Pinot Noir, Languedoc, France; Fruity & Silky
    aka The Humble Vintner, a maverick from Southern France
Medium Bodied Red Wine Selections
  • Delas - Cotes Du Ventoux (Day-Las Coat Dew Vin-too), Rhone,
    France, Silky & Smooth
    Known as the “Little Brother”
  • Michel Lynch - Merlot, Bordeaux, France; Dark Cherry & Spice
    Wine is Sunlight, held together by water. Galileo
Full Bodied Red Wine Selections
  • Fat Bastard - Shiraz, French Country Side, France; Blackberry & Pepper
    Malbec’s Birth Place
  • Chateau Rochet Lamothe -(Organic) Malbec, Cahor, South West France; Dark Fruit & Spice
    Need we say more?
  • Mine - Cabernet, Vin De Pays D'OC- (Languedoc-Roussillon), France; Elegant & Refined
    “What’s Mine is Yours”
Signature Red Wine Selections
  • Chateau B De Loudenne - (Lou-Den) Red, Bordeaux, France; Fruity & Fresh
    “In Vino Veritas” (In Wine There Is Truth)
Sparkling Selection
  • Marquis De La Tour Bru - Loire Valley; Fruity & Crisp
    Because everyday is special!
Light Bodied White Wine Selection
  • Haut - Poitou - ( O-Poa-Too) Sauvignon Blanc, Loire
    Valley, France; Light & Crisp.
    Bright Grapefruit citrus notes.
Medium Bodied White Wine Selection
  • Paul Mas Estate - Picpoul De Pinet (Pic-Pool Day Pin-A), Languedoc, France; Tropical & Crisp.
    Made famous by the Inn At Little Washington!
Full Bodied White Wine Selection
  • Laboure-Roi - (Lab-Bor-A Wah) Chardonnay, French Country Side, France; Oaky & Tropical.
    More balance than a Ballet
Signature White Wine Selection
  • Helfrich - Pinot Gris (Pee-Not Gree), Alsace, France; Slightly Sweet & Soft.
    Pinot Gris is revered in Alsace as a super-rich wine that can be partnered with many different foods.
  • Samuel Smith’s Organic Ale, England
  • Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager, England
  • Green’s Organic Discovery Amber, Belgium (Gluten-Free)
  • Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, England
  • Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock, England

Our delicious menu of sandwiches, wraps, breads along with our freshly baked muffins, cookies and non-fat yogurt.

  • Ham, Turkey, Veggie, Gyro, Breakfast, Roast Beef
    All sandwiches are served on bread or in a wrap
  • Chicken, Vegetable, Ham
    Choice of small or large
  • Spinach Feta Croissant, Cheese and Brie Plates, Soups
  • Muffins, Pound Cake, Cinnamon Buns, Cupcakes, Brownies, Scones, Cookies, Cinnamon Twists, Apple Turnover, Chocolate Croissant
Additional Snacks
  • Fruit Cup, Parfait, Yogurts, Ice Cream, Fruits